How to Resolve SQL Server Error 8966 Effortlessly

22Nov, 2019

Are you among one of them who are looking for the solution to resolve SQL Server error 8966? Have you ever thought the reason behind this error? If not, then in this blog, we are going to learn all the important facts about SQL Error 8966 of Server database along with the solution to fix it.

SQL Error 8966 – The Error Message

This is how the error message looks like when the database gets affected by SQL Server error 8966:
Error Message
Msg 8966, Level 16, State 2:
Could not read and latch page (%d:%d) with latch type %s. 1453(Insufficient quota to complete the requested service.) failed.

Records that users saved in Microsoft SQL Server table may become inaccessible. This can happen if the database gets damaged or corrupted due to corruption in record header, a malfunction in the application, metadata structure damage, & concurrent modification.

Now, in order to surmount the table corruption, SQL Server comes up with an inbuilt command of table repair, which is known as ‘DBCC CHECKTABLE’. This command is used to check the logical as well as the physical integrity of damaged table and indexed view. There is no doubt, that in most of the cases the command is successful in the recovery of the damaged tables.

However, there are few cases when it fails to fix the SQL Server corruption issues. In such scenarios, the command shows up an error code, indicating the actual reason for its failure. So, the question is how to handle these situations?

The best way in such situation is to restore or regain the table from the updated backup. Nevertheless, if you do not have the backup or if it is not updated, then users can use a third-party utility. We will discuss that later, but first, let us go through the reasons behind the error 8966 SQL Server.

Causes of SQL Server Error 8966

This error message displays the Windows output/input failure due to the inadequate resources. In various cases, 8966 error occurs at the time when multiple SQL Server databases with the very large table are monitoring by Diagnostic Manager. Apart from this, there are some more important reasons behind the error 8966 SQL Server. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Virus Attack: We all know that virus intrusion and then malfunctioning of the system can easily result in this error message in SQL Server.
  • Concurrent Modification: At times, the concurrent modification of a database may also become the cause of the error.
  • Record Header Corruption: It is possible that the header of the records gets corrupted and then gives such errors in SQL Server.
  • Inappropriate Shutdown of Database: The Proper closing of the database is very important. If it is not done, then users may have to face different kinds of errors.
  • Corrupt Metadata Structure: And last, but not the least a corrupt structure of the Metadata can lead to a problematic situation.

Resolutions To Remove SQL Server Error 8966

There are several ways to fix this problem in SQL Server database:

Method 1: Hardware Failure

Firstly, make sure that the hardware in working accurately or not. For this, run hardware diagnostics. In case, you encounter any issue associated with the hardware then you need to fix it immediately. However, if the hardware is working fine, then it is suggested to check Microsoft Windows NT system, SQL Server error log, and application logs for examining the reason of the error. In case, you have the problem of the data corruption, then attempt to swap out various hardware components to separate the issue. Finally, you may find it helpful to switch to a new hardware system, which includes reformatting disk drives & installing the Operating system once again.

Method 2: MDF Repair

This is the best way to fight against the corruption in SQL Server database. This utility has been designed in such a manner that it can repair both the primary and the secondary database of SQL. Apart from this, it can even recover the deleted or removed table database of SQL Server. The software can scan and repair the Triggers, Rule, Functions, etc.

Summing It Up

SQL Server is very important when it comes to the management of the business. Numerous organizations access it and keep their data safely. However, we cannot neglect the fact that there are some problems associated with it. One such common issue is SQL Server Error 8966. Considering the fact, that it is not simple to resolve the issue, we have discussed the manual workaround for the same. In addition, users can opt for a third party tool if needed.

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